The ethical behaviour and conduct of the current community leadership is in crisis, and it is the best reflection of the impact done as a result of political influence over community affairs.

Political education must be aligned with the actual expectations of the community not those of their Masters/respective organisations. Political influence is a major reason why the community language differs from that of leadership. The current leadership agenda differs from what the community desire and deserve.

The bottom line, is that the majority of Langa is still trapped in absolute poverty (poverty levels are very high) even though politicians claim to have done wonders for us. The time is now calling for the radical change of language in the community leadership, and speak a language that appeal directly to what the community expect.

It is now the time to breed/produce a new type of leadership that is loyal/accountable to the community. The community must assume a leading role in the re-building process and dictate terms for our own development. This is what I call Radical Transformation of political/community education. To be continued…..

Article by: Vusi Mandindi